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Manica Media Revamps LustCinema.com With Site Makeover

Jun 05th, 2012 10:00 AM

CYBERSPACE—The new LustCinema.com has been designed by Manica Media to bring the highest quality content from Erika Lust to a growing audience of women and couples who are looking to find a more modern approach to sex films and a fresh perspective on real adult entertainment. Evolving the existing site into a true web 2.0 portal for interaction among fans and film makers is part of the unique erotic community that is advancing Lust Cinema to the forefront of artistic erotica for affiliate marketers and premium porn buyers.

"The erotic entertainment market for women and couples continues to grow rapidly online" said Erwin De Boer of Manica Media. "When we made the decision to enter this market segment we knew we wanted to work with someone capable of blurring the dividing line between mainstream media and adult entertainment effectively. Erika Lust has the portfolio and notoriety to give LustCinema.com an edge over other sites in the niche, and working with her provides all our affiliates with a powerful advantage."

Erika Lust content is already accepted by discerning erotica fans as the best new videos produced for an international audience. Ms. Lust is featured in many major media outlets, including Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Vice, The Guardian, El Pais, Aftonbladet and La Repubblica, for her photography work as well. While Erika Lust Films remains the primary production house of LustCinema.com, the brand also continues to expand by adding innovative directors such as Maria Beatty, Krystian Geyr, Tristan Taormino, Zoe Cassavettes and Mia Enberg, to bring their progressive approach and high quality adult entertainment to a larger audience.

Manica Media has created a new LustCinema.com design, business plan and marketing approach to earn greater traction with its target audience by positioning the site as an interactive erotica portal combining the full power of social media, online community tools and powerful marketing strategies to fans and affiliates.

Fans can also interact directly with Erika Lust through her included Facebook profile and Twitter Account on the site.

"The internet is full of ordinary porn, but high quality cinematic erotica is now almost nonexistent. Women, couples and true adult film connoisseurs demand a higher level of quality that expresses artistic taste, cinematographic and creative values, as well as an inherent respect for women" said Erika Lust of Erika Lust Films. "LustCinema.com caters to a premium audience that is not satisfied with conventional porn and the new version of the site produced by Manica Media offers exactly the kind of user experience fans are looking to find most."

Affiliates interested in the profit potential of promoting LustCinema.com are encouraged to sign up at LustCinema.com or contact sales@manicamedia.com.