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'Jim Powers' College Girls' Introduces Brand New Genre -- Or Not

Feb 13th, 2012 12:15 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA — Jim Powers' College Girls from Mike Hunt Inc. is the latest from AVN Award-winning director, Jim Powers. Girls barely college-age decide to keep their grades up by putting their teacher's cocks up their tight little schoolgirl snatches.

The DVD opens with a teacher being railed over the phone by a mother who is pissed off that her daughter is failing and thus can't join the sorority she and her own mother were members of. In walks Bailey Blue, an intrepid tart who brings in a note from her mother giving her teacher, Evan Stone, permission to fuck her daughter so she can get an A for his class. The hot and sexy slut will do anything to pass the class and slides her succulent pussy down her teacher's pole to prove it.

Izy Bella was professor Mark Davis' student who received an A for her effort. She returns to his classroom and wants to show her appreciation by giving him an A-1 banging. Since she's not his student any more, it's OK!

Haley had already been banging her married teacher, Mr. Kyle Stone. Although he feels guilty, she still wants to fuck and seduces him again. Stone is powerless against her tight, perfect, schoolgirl body and gives way to his lust, much to the delight of Haley.

Shane De Santos is failing an exam, and when given 20 more minutes by her angry professor, Mr. Marcus London, she goes back to her desk, puts her leg up and masturbates. The teacher is shocked! Shocked and turned on. De Santos takes advantage of her teacher and gets an A the old fashion way. In her closing line she says, through a mouth full of professor pudding, "Now that tastes like an A to me."

When asked where he found covergirl De Santos, Powers said, "This is actually her first scene. Before she did this she was dating a skinhead in the Inland Empire and he beat her up and threw her out of his truck — I was driving down the street and [pulled over to pick her up] and said what's the matter, you poor little thing? She had a black eye. I put her in the car and we set her up with a very nice pimp, who took her in… and now that this movie's coming out she changed her name to Shane De Santos because she's trying to hide from the skinhead."

Powers continues about Jim Powers' College Girls, "It's a very unique idea. I made the very first porno ever around co-eds in college having sex with their teachers. This could catch on."

Jim Powers' College Girls ships February 22 and will street February 29.