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ICM Registry Launches Founders Program

Dec 14th, 2010 02:43 PM

CYBERSPACE—Adult Webmasters can secure premium .XXX domains if they proactively develop and maintain domains with the .XXX extension prior to the general launch in Summer 2011.

ICM Registry has announced the launch of the .XXX Founders program. This program is multi-dimensional and designed exclusively for adult webmasters.  One part of the program is targeted towards adult webmasters who are interested in building their existing brands with .XXX domains or possibly launching new adult sites with .XXX domains.       

Another part of the Founders program is for adult webmasters who are willing to develop new and innovative sites using .XXX domains that were previously unavailable in the adult market such as mobile.xxx, videos.xxx, free.xxx or possibly securing a super-premium adult domain.           

In addition, the Founders program will also help adult webmasters secure their matching adult domain portfolio that already exists in other TLDs without having to go through the Sunrise or Landrush phases. In other words, adult webmasters are being given an incentive to secure premium .XXX domain names to build and develop into premium adult properties and then promote them.      

The Founders program is similar to how other domain registries offered incentives to help potential domain owners develop and promote new properties on the top-level domain.  By having adult websites with targeted and more meaningful content, the consumer will choose .XXX domains as their destination of choice.  ICM is asking adult webmasters to review the entire program including a further explanation of the basic terms at http://www.icmregistry.com/founder/.