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Rep. Hinkle’s Craigslist Sugar Baby Signs with Flava Works

Now, any Republican lawmakers who want to see this boy can do so in the privacy of their own homes in the land of the free and the home of the brave

Oct 07th, 2011 02:42 PM

MIAMI—Kameryn Gibson, aka DeJuan Diamond, the 18-year-old gay African American teenager who this August infamously hooked up with married Indiana House Republican Phillip Hinkle via Craigslist, has signed on as an exclusive model with Flava Works.

DeJuan was very disappointed at how his hook-up with Hinkle turned out, saying, “I really wanted to show Mr. Hinkle all I got, but due to irreconcilable differences it just didn’t happen. I figured if I model with Flava Works I can show him what he and his pals really missed out on.”

Gibson has every reason to feel let down by the Indiana lawmaker, especially considering the odd behavior exhibited by the much older man during their brief encounter in an upscale Indianalopis hotel room. According to an Aug. 12 article on ctpost.com, “Gibson told the [Indianapolis Star] that when he and Hinkle were talking in a hotel room, he got cold feet after Hinkle mentioned he was a lawmaker. He said he tried to leave but Hinkle resisted, grabbing his rear end and exposing himself. He said no sexual activity took place and that he was eventually able to leave with the help of his sister, who came to get him after he called her from the bathroom.”

Hinkle, who voted this year in favor of a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as being only between one man and one woman, did not deny that the assignation took place, but told the paper he was "aware of a shakedown taking place," though his attorney said subsequently that he didn’t know what that comment meant.

For Gibson, life is not only going on, it appears to be getting much better. Flava Works sent a press announcement out Friday alerting all Republicans about the signing of the teen.

“It is no secret that many Republicans are closeted homosexuals, while at the same time preaching anti-gay messages and protesting gay marriage,” the release stated, speaking truth to power. “Now, with DeJuan Diamond starring online on sites like CocoDorm.com and ThugBoy.com, Republicans will be able to enjoy the men they love right from the comfort of their home or offices. No more will Republicans have to endure the outrage and embarrassment when they get caught in public. Just tune in to Flava Works instead.”

Republicans—or anyone else wishing to view DeJuan Diamond as God made him—can log onto CocoDorm.com 24/7 and view live cams, chat with him and view his past photos and videos. DeJuan also has several videos and photos available for offline viewing, should any closeted Republicans not have internet access while on the road.

DeJuan Diamond’s work can also be found here.