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Adult Performer Tests HIV+ - UPDATE

Oct 13th, 2010 02:00 PM

LOS ANGELES—AVN.com has received confirmation from AIM Healthcare that an adult industry performer has tested positive for HIV.

“AIM has confirmed that an adult industry performer has tested positive for HIV,” AIM’s clinical administrator Brooke Miller told AVN. “We are currently quarantining and testing all exposed partners and we will have no further information until the end of the week. We are contacting everyone that might have been exposed. Please check the AIM database to confirm all tests.”

AVN.com has learned from sources that Patient Zero is a male performer who performed in both straight and gay adult videos. Additionally, we received word that an undetermined number of first and second generation adult performers who may have been exposed have been quarantined at this time.

Seeking to confirm the number of people in quarantine, Miller cautioned that it’s in flux as the clinic learns of new potential new exposures or eliminates those that test negative.   

Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Diane Duke provided the following quote to AVN: "Clearly it is too early to know the facts of the case. The responsible thing to do is to wait for AIM to come back with their results. I applaud AIM for quickly identifying the risks and addressing the physical and emotional needs of those involved." 

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the organization that's leading the drumbeat on a mandatory condom requirement for porn produced in California, has chimed in with comments attacking what it deems as the industry's inadequate testing requirements.

“That a performer tested positive for HIV today—and that more may be infected—was totally preventable,” AHF President Michael Weinstein said in a statement. “It is also living proof that testing is not adequate protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases among porn performers. How many more people have to be infected with HIV before Los Angeles County steps in to do its job and protect performers’ and the public’s health and AIM stops being a ‘fig leaf’ for the industry?”

AVN also has learned that at least two production companies have postponed its scheduled production this week in order for proper quarantine procedures and performer clearances to run their course.

"When Vivid was first made aware that a performer had tested positive for HIV we immediately suspended production," Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch said. "We did this as a precaution and will continue to monitor the situation. AIM Healthcare acted appropriately to quarantine all adult talent who may have been exposed. We will wait for all of the facts to emerge before we resume production."

Wicked Pictures, a condom-mandatory company, also has decided to halt production.

"Even though Wicked is condoms-mandatory, we have postponed our upcoming productions to give AIM a chance to create a comprehensive quarantine list," company officials said in a statement to The L.A. Times. "Thanks to the continued efforts of AIM the entire industry was all made aware of this possible threat on the same day."

AVN will follow this breaking story as it develops.