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AHF Launches 'Yes on B' Campaign

Sep 17th, 2012 12:01 PM

LOS ANGELES—The AIDS Healthcare Foundation on Monday launched its official "Yes on B" campaign, which is intended to usher into passage the measure AHF got onto the November ballot that would create an enforcement regimen overseeing the mandatory use of condoms by adult performers.

The launch of the campaign was accompanied by a press conference at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, featuring the normal cast of individuals—HIV-infected performers Darren James and Derrick Burts as well as foundation staff—used publicly by AHF in its years-long effort to impose condoms on the industry. Needless to say, all the speakers advocated for the passage of "B." However, some erroneous information was given out.

Mark McGrath, for instance, said the industry does "nothing" to protect its workers, a claim that totally ignores the testing regimen that mandates monthly testing by performers for STDs. Some producers have started to require testing every two weeks, as well.

During the Q&A session following the prepared statements only one question was asked, by Michael Fattorosi, an industry attorney who represents performers. Fattorosi asked AHF president Michael Weinstein why he had focused his efforts to get measures on the ballot in Los Angeles, where the industry is predominently straight, and not in San Francisco, where it is mostly gay.

Weinstein said AHF is located in L.A., where, he claimed, more than half of all porn is made, and that the effort had to start somewhere. He added that most gay producers already use condoms, but claimed that AHF has and will continue to call out bareback productions in California and elsewhere.

The "Yes on B" campaign also used the occasion to unveil two 30-second commercials in support of the measure that will run in Los Angeles on CNN, MSNBC and Fox. One, titled "Darren and Derrick," features the aforementioned performers; the second is titled "134 Permits." The first spot will start running immediately, and the second later in the campaign, according to AHF.

"In addition," AHF said in a press release, "the campaign will feature ‘Vote Yes on B’ billboards and direct mail postcards targeting specific voting constituencies."

The "Yes on B" campaign is countered by a campaign organized by the "No to Government Waste Committee," which announced the start of its efforts Sept. 6.